Thursday, July 11, 2013

Beating the Dead Horse: Thousand Foot Krutch

Well, sometime back around 2003.... after 9 years or so of a seemingly endless stream of bands peddling a half ass version of atlernative hard rock mixed with rap known as Nu Metal, music fans finally grew a brain and said enough is enough. Most of the bands peddling said sound moved on as well to.. shall we say.... less juvenile though still formulaic forms of music. Canada's Thousand Foot Krutch apparently missed that little incident. Here I sit in mid 2013, listening to an album from early 2012 that sounds like it should have been released in 2002. Thousand Foot Krutch are definitely not in danger of breaking any new ground. What you essentially get with this band are the pseudo funk rhythms and faux hip hop of Rage Against the Machine crossed with the "Heavy," poppy guitar riffs and tones of the early "post grunge" movement, and the happy, sunny lyrics you can find in a lot of other bands in the CCM genre. So.... basically a less offensive version of Saliva, as if they weren't already unoffensive enough. This horse died a long time ago, fellas. The time has come to let it rest in peace. Nu Metal was never exactly anything more than a mass marketed trend and when bands like the aforementioned Saliva and Crazytown came along, it began a rapid decline. The only people that listen to this shit these days are so-called "metal experts" (like that jackass on Sirius radio that does Bloody Roots) who constantly ask the idiotic question "is heavy metal racist" and hold garbage music like this out as their "no" whilst simultaneously ignoring all of the great bands out there playing... erm... true metal that have members who are hispanic, black, asian, or some other "minority" group. But I'll end this there before I get off on a diatribe about what an utter fucking moron Ian Christe is.

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