Friday, July 3, 2015

Attention, Achtung, Atencion.

Well, the winds of change have begun to blow across The Blank Page. In the past several months, I have begun writing for The Grim Tower. In addition to concert and video game reviews, I do a bit of pop culture and political commentary. As such, I am going to begin treating this blog as an extension of my work on there. It's been fun writing stream of consciousness rants about bands I don't give two shits about and watching the pissy commentary when I hit on just the right one, but all things change, right? In the next few days, I will begin the process of weeding out a lot of those (save for the ones that have generated the most ire, of course). The layout will remain the same basic black though. I'm far too lazy to change it. So, those of you who wanna tell me I'm an asshole, I don't understand subject x y or z, or hurl empty threats of bodily harm at me, take the time to do so, because after the fourth, this place gets renovated.


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