Wednesday, August 31, 2016

I'm Sick of Hearing About Colin Kaepernick.

Since everyone has been blowing a gasket about this, I'll make this quick. He didn't stand up during a song. Boo hoo. I've sat down during the national anthem as well. Why? Because I didn't feel like standing up. This is the United States, people. We have the right to free expression. There is no law dictating that he has to stand up. Also, the rather South Park-like "if he dun't like it here, why dun't he jus' giyet out" garbage is rather stupid as well. The problem here is that the cynics are correct. Kaepernick didn't sit during the national anthem out of some passion for activism. He did it because he's a fading star at the end of his career and in danger of being let go by his team. The comically over the top reaction has provided him with exactly the cover he was looking for. Now, if he's dropped form the roster, he can cry "they dropped me because I wouldn't stay silent about injustice" or some other such useless garbage. So many saw this for what it was, but they fed the troll anyway. Congratulations, you're idiots.

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